Helping children with disabilities: Conquering the Empty Quarter

My next journey was in 2009, when I crossed the Empty Quarter (Rub’ Al Khali) in support of Dubai’s Senses Centre, which treats children with disabilities. I endured the harsh conditions of this vast expanse of sand between Oman and the UAE, which was tough yet rewarding.

“As a civilized nation, we are all responsible for ensuring that every member of our society lives a fruitful life and has the same opportunities as the rest of us.”

The Journey

Spanning over 20 days averaging up to 60km per day, the journey began from the Senses Centre in Jumeirah, on 26th December at 8:30am. From Dubai to Abu Dhabi along Sheikh Zayed Road, before heading down the long Hameem road to Liwa, trekking through the harsh terrain of the Empty Quarter to the Aradah Fort Umm Hism in the Empty Quarter.

More photos of the journey